Friday, June 18, 2010

Metal and Chain: I'm Bionic!

I have to say, I am IN LOVE with christina aguilera's or shall I say madam "X's" new album. Bionic. It is very much inspired by santogold, sia, and many more amazing artists. my fave song is of course bionic, not myself tonight, and a fantastic ballad titled you lost me. Please support and check out her new album. I have no complaints.

People need to stop talking crap about how xtina stole lady gaga's style. That's just effed up to be frank. Many brilliant artist inspires the new generation of singer today. and that's just how the creative world work. It is not copying. Lady gaga was clearly inspired by many amazing artist such as bowie, grace jones, and the fabulous boy george, I don't see anyone saying she's copying them. Wanna know why? Because it is called inspired by not copying. same thing with xtina. She clearly is inspired by madonna, etta james, and many more. So people need to open their eyes and not get caught up in this crap.

Sorry It becomes rambly, but I just am sick and tired of this whole thing (yes, I am talking about you, perez).

Anyways, My outfit is a simple everyday outfit. just a plain top, black short, heels, and statement necklace.

Black Shorts: Mango
blue Top: Marks & Spencer
Necklace: dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Zara


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