Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wearable Lady Gaga Tutorial

Here's a lady gaga tutorial. It is not an exact replica of the look from the telephone video, instead, it's a wearable spin on it!

This is the look with peachstock lipstick from mac. I think it is very classic smokey eye and nude lip combo!

this is the look with nude pink lips. a more feminine look and almost barbie-ish :)

products used:

too faced smokey eye palette
MAC vanilla and contrast e/s
silky girl funky eyelights pencil in ocean blue
urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil in zero

NYX blush in angel and taupe
MAC blot powder

MAC peachstock lipstick
MAC show orchid lipstick
MAC angel lipstick
YSL rouge Volupte in number 1

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

O.P.I Nail Polishes Review!

These are my O.P.I Nail Polish review! Hope you enjoy!

"Do you lilac it?"

"Do you lilac it" + "Significant Other Color"

"Jade is The New Black"

"Significant Other Color"+ "Jade is The New Black"

"La-Paz-itively Hot"
"Significant Other Color"

"Shootout at the OK Coral"

"I'm OK You're Bouquet"

"Tickle My France-y"

Zara, I'm in Love!!!

This is the outfit I wore for a presentation!

Top: Zara basic
pants: Zara
Belt: Zara
shoes: Zara
bangles : diva

Ahh, chicago!

This is what I wore when i went to watch Chicago the musical!

Trench coat: Jill Sanders for Uniqlo
Shoes: Zara
Dress: Topshop

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lipstick and Lipgloss Collection + swatches + review!

Hi everyone, this are my lip products collection and review!

1. Peachstock: a beautiful nude lipstick that doesn't make you look like you had food poisoning.
you don't need any lipgloss for this, and it has a satin finish, which means that it is not glossy
but it is not flat matte.

2. Lip Blossum: A gorgeous medium pink with silver sheen. It is a lustre, therefore it is a little bit sheer, but i think it is a great everyday color. :)

3. Jest is another lustre. It is an orange with gold sheen. I wore this for my brither's wedding and it wears really really well.
4. Ok, for all you purple lipstick lover out there, this is a fabulous color to have. It is pigmented and creamy and amazing. a good lipliner for it is sephora number 140.
5. angel is another light pink that i love. It is borderline nude but with a hint of pink, whereas peachstock is (surprise surprise) has a hint of peach. It is a frost but it is pigmented enough to the point where I can compare it to the amplified cream finish.

6. Now, this lipstick is something else. It is a creamy bright orange lipstick. I prefer this than the classic red because it give a bit of edge and an element of fun!
7. this came out with the spring color forecast collection. It is a lustre. i'm not too fond of this just because it blends into my lip color. But i feel if you have a lighter skin tone, you will love this!

8. this is my new fave! amazing hot creamy pink with a hint of blue. The pigmentation is fantastic, and the color stays, I repeat STAYS on amazingly.

9. This used to be my everyday color because it is neutral with definition. It is super creamy and moisturizing.

10. I don't reach for this color a lot, I have no idea why, but it is very similar to the previous lipstick.
11. This is a nude pink. It is extremely creamy to the point where it doesn't last. It's not drying but not in any way moisturizing. The smell is fantastic and what else can i say about the jaw-dropping packaging, But the product itself is pretty mediocre.

12. This is a purple lipstick from sephora. Staying power, I can't really say i'm impressed. the pigmentation could be a lot better. What i like is the sleek packaging and the scent. It has a grape scent to it. :)

13. A lot of people have raved about nude attitude. i have to say it is a nice color, but not for everyday. It would look so wrong for people with dark skin. i look like I'm about to pass out when I wear this.

14. a creamy medium-hot pink lipstick. there is not a lot of scent. pretty moisturizing as well :)

15. This lipstick is surprisingly not drying like most long lasting lipsticks. It is creamy, the scent is a bit waxy but not overpowering. It last for a long time.

16. I hate hate hate maybelline lipstick. These moisture extreme lipstick is drying as hell and it DOES NOT smell like watermelon!!!

17. Another yucky lipstick. I hate this!
18. NYX has an amazing scent i think for lipstick. It is soft and not over powering at all. This shade does not work for my. It's kinda like a purple-y pink, it is creamy and pigmented.

19. Rimmel lipstick is pretty amazing. The color is like nymphette lipglass in lipstick form. What more could you ask for?!
20. Just a sheer red.
21. a sheer pink with amazing scent.
22. maybelline lipstick just doent work for me. At all.
21. Elf lipgloss is not drying, it smells amazing too!
22. this is not a good lipgloss. It is drying, and smells bad.
23. some ingredients in this lipgloss irritate my lips so badly. my lips were itchy and feels so uncomfortable.
24. I love love love this lipgloss. It is sweet and smells ah-mazing.
25. this is okay..its pink with multiple colored glitter. i don't reach for this a lot.
26. All revlon lipgloss is creamy, not too sticky, last long, and smells like banana boat. So I have no complaints! :D
27. a fantastic creamy, moisturizing lipgloss. It smell fantastic and last long.
28. I love love love rimmel vinyl stars lipgloss. it is shiny and glitterny, It is not goopy and gross. It smells like oranges :)
29. I don't like this gloss because of the color, I love the applicator and texture, but the shade makes me look dead.
30. this is my all time fave lipglass. It is a pink with a beautiful gold sheen Perfect to top off a nude lip!
31. This came out with the spring forecast 2, it is a creamy orang. and i love it on top of peachstock!
32. This is such a fun lipgloss. it is a purple-y pink with blue and pink glitter.

33. This is not a staple color, but it is quite nice to have.