Saturday, July 31, 2010

BEAUTY BASIC: Winged Eyeliner

Hey girls,

this is a new series I'm going to be doing for my youtube beauty channel. It will be a quick, fun, and informative video about beauty tips and tricks :)

I'm going to kick off the series with winged eyeliner.

here is my instruction step by step:

1. Look down into a mirror

2. Get your liquid eyeliner, start from the middle, and with small strokes, start going outwards.

3. retrace your line from the front to the back

4. Make sure the line in the front is thinner than the line at the end

now...for the winged part:

1. pretend that there's an imaginary line that extend from your lower lashline.

2. extend the line using you liquid liner. Make it as short or as long as you want.

3. from the tip of the line, join it back to the first line you made.

4. fill in any gap that might have occurred.

and there you go! a winged eyeliner look :)

hope you find this helpful, and I'll see u guys soon!


  1. thank you so much!
    I have been trying to wing my eyeliner but failed for so many times. This video look simple. I'll try it. hopefully i get it right this time!

  2. @Erny No problem :) Let me know how u get on :)