Saturday, January 5, 2013


So, hi. 2012 was different for me. Loads of changes in my life. Moving back to Jakarta after living in Singapore for around 4 years, joining the family company, and some relationship stuff I'd rather not mention. But once you go through everything and you look back at it, you realized that hm..everything seems to fall into the right place at exactly the right time. That's when you appreciate life, prayers, and support from people around you so much more.

So here is my short trip to Bali. Was there for work and of course, when you're in Bali, you gotta work on your tan, right??

And so it begins...

First stop

Yummy drinks for hot weater

Villa we stayed in

Salak / Snake skin fruit

Bad Bad Beach. Sad face. :(

Balinese school girl enjoying ice cream after class

Sparkley black sand

Lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah

Oh! Hello little friend!


Sunset view

Bought this land. wot wotttt!

Slippery Stone, Bali!


We chillin.

Awesome shiz, No biggie

W hotel. Woo bar.

Sister time!

Fab place!

Legian Suite

Nothing better than ice cold sorbet

What I see

Best friggin day ever.

Sunset in motion

beauty that is Bali


We don't look alike now do we?

And more brunch

Bye lovely!


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