Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Army Inspired Look (Soft Smokey Green)

Hi Girls,

This is a soft smokey green look inspired by the runway trends this year. A lot of fashion houses are doing something army-ish, (is that even a word??), so I just want to do a really simple smokey eyes. The fun part is that I only used ONE eyeshadow in this tutorial! You can take this technique and use any colour you want in the future! How convenient is that? :) Just go to my youtube page (search: kstelin) and you can watch the full tutorial. (oh, I'm really new in this blogging deal, so can anyone tell me how can i post the link to my tutorias on youtube? i tried clicking the "insert link" but it does not work)(Thanks to Ee Von, I now know how to do this )


  1. Not sure by 'inserting link' you mean putting just a link of your blog, or embedding your youtube video in your blog.

    If it's just a link, you can always copy and paste the link anywhere in your blog, don't have to do the 'insert link' thing. If you want the link to be a word like "ARMY INSPIRED TUTORIAL" and when people click on it it links to your youtube video, you'll have to highlight the words before clicking on the 'insert link' button and putting your link there.

    if you want to embed your youtube video, in your video's sidebar, underneath 'URL', there's a section called "Embed". copy the codes. you can even select the size of your video you want it to appear in your blog. then in your blogger page where you write your blog posts, at the top right corner, click on "edit html" and paste the codes there. then click "compose". your video will not show in your blogger page but in your blog, it will be there.

    gosh that was long. but i hope it helps! :)

  2. very pretty, i love the lashes!