Thursday, March 25, 2010

Top 6 Lip Products + Bonus!

Hi, so this is my top 6 Lip products!

Top 3 Lipsticks:

This is morange Lipstick from MAC. It is an amplified cream. It's a fantastic orange lipstick that last all day and not as boring as the -oh so classic- Red :D

Okay, so mine melted, this is one of my favourite pale lipstick. It's the super popular Angel lipstick from MAC. It is a frost, but it is not overly shiny,w which I kinda like.

This is one of my favourite lipstick. It is clinique long last lipstick in creamy nude. I love nude lips but I don't like looking dead. So this lipstick is perfect!

These are my top 3 (actually 4) lip glosses:
The first one is estee lauder pure pops lip gloss in caramel apple pie. It is a beautiful pink with olden tone. What I love is that it is not shimmery, instead, it has a metallic finish. It is super gorgeous and smells amazing!

The second one is a Rimmel Lip Gloss in Lovebug. It is very pale and pretty. Perfect for a smokey eye!

These are two of my fave MAC lipglass.

Nymphette- Pink with gold shimmer
Kumquat- Orange awesomeness!

These are some of my least fave lip products:


Ok. So, this is one of the worst lipsticks I've tried and it is Maybelline 3D Max Collagen Lipstick. It has ZERO staying power. I suggest staying away from this lipstick.

This is not a bad lisptick, it is just that the color does not suit me that well. It is NYX lipstick in thalia. It is a purple-i pink with a mauve-y undertone.

This is an annoying subject bcos everybody loves maybelline moisture extreme! but not me! I think the smell is awful, it is not moisturizing at all and it is just baddddddd...

Here are the lip glosses:
Starting from Left to Right:

NYX Goddess of The Night Lipsgloss in Sweetheart: I think it is not the right color for me. It is a bit too pale and one more thing, it smells like cough syrup..:(

Revlon colorstay Long lasting lipgloss in constantly coral: it is sticky and drying. Enough said.

Nivea lipcare gloss: stings like a bee!


  1. thanks! i will buy the clinique lipstick, itlooks really good!