Saturday, April 17, 2010

Life, Love, and Family

A taste of my life! It is not all about make up!


Watching a play done by the theater major :)

Homework regarding texture
my artwork displayed for the theater major show :)
Playing dress up

Mural that my class mate and I did :) Too bad it's no longer there :(

Beach time! my friend is so tall, i had to stand on a lamp thingy..:(

inside Joke

Getting my first piercing done..It doesn't hurt as bad as it looks. Pinky promise.
We were o our way to the piercing place!

a sketch by Christian Lacroix

Girls night out..
Being Silly

And again. (that's my hand by the way..ahhaaahhaa)

Cam Whoring

Crazy make up I did, Just cos.

Gareth pugh fashion show.
A view from my old balcony
best singer ever!
Best abs and performer ever!
lilo, she is a stick in real life..goshhhhh...grab a burger, girl!
Festive, huh?
Another crazy make up I did, just cos.
After concert.sweaty sweaty!
Anglomania fashion show!
Nightmare. I hate this shoot!
but we manage to have some fun!

Jogjakarta's sky
Fun fun fun
With cheryl!
Gigantor.(Not really)

Another "just cos" moment

High School buddies :D
Merry Christmas!
Cam whore
Unplanned night out turned out to be the most fun I've had in a long time!
Yuji Kimura Exhibition
Getting dolled up for my brother's wedding
a calm (yea, right) night out
my best friend!